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YOU are the Noble Rose

I was fortunate enough to attend an International Women’s Day event in Coquitlam, BC about a year ago, where the keynote speaker was Ms. Barb Stegemann of The 7 Virtues. I was moved, humbled and most importantly, inspired by her talk. So inspired by her story in fact, that I went home and wrote the song Noble Rose (which is also the name of her first fragrance).

The Noble Rose of Afghanistan is made of rose petals harvested by Afghan farmers who courageously transport the oils on the world’s most dangerous highway. Barb’s company then buys this beautiful organic essential oil at fair market value from a supplier who is rebuilding his community.

As Barb spoke about her journey, her company and the nations which are benefitting from her unique idea, I could hear the words forming in my mind. I thought of Barb’s best friend, Captain Trevor Green, critically and senselessly injured by a Taliban axe, healing through love. I thought of the farmers in Afghanistan, struggling, but finally given the chance to create a legal and prospering business. I thought of the women of Rwanda, after years of genocide, building a new and peaceful nation, dignified and true. I thought of my own mother, growing up in a community that suppressed her desire to get an education, who wanted more but didn’t think she could. I thought of myself, my sister, my friends, knowing the flower that grows within all of us needs to turn into the sun, beautiful and strong. Our ideas blooming and creating new opportunities. And I thought of how I could bring these ideas and words to the world…in a song.

Together with my good friend and producer, Paul Airey, we wrote the song Noble Rose and presented it to Barb. It seemed a good fit with her upcoming documentary “Perfume War” which follows her journey to make peace, one fragrance at a time. The song is now a part of the documentary, set to be complete in early 2016.

I am hopeful that my song, Noble Rose, will inspire you in some way…to stand up for yourself and others, to have the courage to face the crowd, and to see the beauty that lies within yourself. You are the Noble Rose!

Watch the trailer for "Perfume War" here:

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